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L'abonnement Vin du French Paradoxe, c'est quoi ?

2x 75 cl de découvertes

2 fiches  de dégustation pour y voir plus clair

Des sujets d'actualités sélectionnés

de manière totalement subjectives

Une Liberté à toute épreuve (pas d'engagement)

Du plaisir ... Beaucoup de plaisir ...

Pourquoi craquer ?

  • Pour être sûr d'avoir au moins deux bonnes bouteille de la maison

  • Pour passer de supers soirées dégust'entre potes

  • Pour connaitre un peu plus le vin

  • Pour s'y retrouver dans les cartes de restaurants

  • Pour voyager (si ... du moins spirituellement)

  • Pour découvrir et affiner ses goûts

Ils ont trouvé plein d'autres bonnes raisons ...

I Really Really Love It!

I love Caroline Hirons I think she knows so much about skincare so when she brings out these boxes I just trust her, and I have not been disappointed. Cleansing is sooo important people! You will feel so pampered using these and your skin will love you for it! Thanks Caroline and cult beauty love love love.

Sarah Steele

Absolutely Brilliant!

Kudos to The Hirons for this superb cleansing wardrobe - beautiful products, and clearly a lot of care and consideration has gone into the prep of the box as well as the planning for the wait list and staggered release - Caroline deserves the hype she gets. And huge props to Cult Beauty on the delivery - ordered it yesterday and it arrived this morning - OUTSTANDING. Thank to all involved.

Alicia Robertson

Just Like Heaven!

This box represents a huge saving on the products total value. The Tata Harper cleanser is gorgeous and will be a re purchase when it runs out. The jasmine spray is divine and the acid pads are good to test as they are not something I would buy. It was delivered less than 24 hours after ordering, so all in all a great deal from this collaboration. Buy it while you can.

Cerys Green

Video d'un Unboxing

Check out Caroline Hirons' hands-on video

“We do all the ingredient checking for you, so you can easily shop all the very best natural skin care, health, wellbeing and beauty products right here in the one place.”


CEO, Founder of AMELIA

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